Controls : WASD to move, point and click to shoot fire.

Take the role of a baby fire elemental and burn everything in sight in order to grow as large as possible.

This game was made for the Weekly Game Jam 89 and has since received an update. I enjoyed making it and might flesh it out more in the future but for now development is on hold. 


Download 30 MB

Development log


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Good little game. A bit similar to what I have made. Movement feels good but the burning mechanics is lacking a few things. First id like to see some kind of chain reactions also the moment of starting fire is not significant as it should be (like @Kiveloctiy said). Make fire particles smaller and more distinct. Great start anyway :)


The game works, the setting fire is addictive to me. Adding in more sound effects with audacity or other audio programs, creating looping game music in programs, can help. Maybe use bosca ceoil in the webpage, and consider others such as anvil studio. Give the game more of a distinct aesthetic with a limited warm color pallet, more impact when the trees are burnt, with things such screen shake. This is a good start.

Thanks for the feedback. Game sound is definitely still something I need to learn.